General Information

International Research and Educational Centre of ICT collaborative type - TROIKA (TechnologyandResearchOnInformation-drivenKnowledgeAlliance) is designed to stimulate internationalization of research and educational activities in the field of information and communication in University ITMO . It is organized by the Research Institute High computer technology University ITMO (eScience Research Institute) in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam (InformaticsInstitute) and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Complexity Institute) within the overall plan of research and development in the following areas :
1) Predictive modeling of the emergence and development of critical situations in complex natural and man-made , man-made systems in the complex.
2) Weather conditions for critical situations , assessment and management of associated risks for sustainable development .
3) Analysis and modeling of the impact of emergencies on society and human rights (including bio- medical, psychological , behavioral aspects) .